Aura Photograph Analysis –
Discover more about yourself with Aura Photography

Dr Adam Mazur's Light-field Spectral Analysis


The significance of the colours:

Red   Willpower, vitality
Orange   Joie de vivre, coordination
Yellow   Intellect, charisma
Green   Healing, change
Blue   Feelings, justice
Indigo   Intuition, clairvoyance
Purple   Wisdom, transformation

Modern computer technology has given us the means to visually display the energy present in the human body.

Pioneered and developed in the USA, the aura camera allows us to quickly show the current state of the aura that surrounds our bodies. Silver fingerplates connected to the aura camera measure the resonance points of the hands. The electrical impulses are then converted by the camera into a colour photograph.

These colours tell us about what thoughts, feelings and concerns are of importance to us at the time of taking the photograph. There is no good or bad photograph, but rather each photograph provides the opportunity for us to explore the phases of individual development that we are currently going through.

Light has an almost unlimited capacity to store information. As a result, light-field spectral analysis - or "aura photography" as it is more commonly known - helps you to understand the holistic connections between health and your individual path towards personal fulfilment. The "assignments" that emerge for you through the aura photograph help you to better understand yourself and the people around you.

Greater awareness of ourselves and our world allows us to grow internally, to feel free and calm, even when faced with difficult tasks and challenges.

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